DNA deep-dive: ON Running with the Cloudnova

DNA deep-dive: ON Running with the Cloudnova

Following 2010’s aligned vision of three running-enthusiasts, On Running was founded by those who sought an industry-changing underfoot-feel. TOWER’s spotlight story begins in Switzerland’s largest city, surrounded by picturesque Alpine landscapes riddled with routes accessible for all of Zurich’s running society.

Introducing On Running’s first lifestyle shoe - the Cloudnova.

Asides from taking the title as an award-winning running brand on numerous occasions - 2020 earmarked the year On Running successfully ventured from athletics into that ever-expanding lifestyle industry without compromising on athletic essentials.

When adapting to stationary and sporadic habits deemed common place amongst those working from home, On developed a slightly broader sole-unit to that seen on running-specific platforms. This removed somewhat of a ‘rolling’ motion, instead opting for day-round stability with mouldable spongy sock-liner in tow.

In essence, the typical On Cloud sole unit consists of two parts. A CloudTec cushioning formation sits flush against their bespoke Speedboard base, reacting and repurposing energy for propulsion upon take-off. Further notes of rubber create extra support when promoting the foot’s natural rolling motion.

On Running remapped their tongue-into-heel partnership to offer a more comfortable fit, curating an inner-sock construction that utilises their elevated in-heel, step-in lip feel. A little further north, they introduced customisable lacing options further enhancing the foot’s natural bend and flex.

You can now shop the Cloudnova and other athletic ON Running silhouettes at TOWER.