DNA Deep-dive: What exactly is ENCAP?

DNA Deep-dive: What exactly is ENCAP?
There's a lot of exciting technology hitting the shelves at TOWER - but, how much of it truly makes sense to you? What's going under (or over!) foot on the day-to-day? Why does this even matter? Well, in truth there's a lot to get excited about - it's not just your pockets that hold a mountain of tech, a topic that we're choosing to explore today. ENCAP, it's Boston born and riddled the underbelly of your favourite New Balance style, however there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

As you scroll tower-london.com, you’ll notice that many of our NB lines feature ENCAP branding at the heel without any means for explanation.

Keeping it brief, ENCAP is a stability wedge most commonly found at a style’s heel, combining two key brand materials for comfort. Beneath the surface is a reactive EVA soft foam core, surrounded and protected by a hardened polyurethane pod.

From 1986 onwards, ENCAP was the cornerstone for all things running to leave NB’s drawing board, first seen beneath the 995 runner.

See, it's as simple as that! In less than 200 words, we've debunked ENCAP and you know a little bit more about the goodness underfoot. Shop TOWER's entire New Balance range online now at tower-london.com.