Drawing the line: what sets VEJA's V-10 apart from the V-12

Drawing the line: what sets VEJA's V-10 apart from the V-12
As the saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing - but, at TOWER we don’t think such restrictions apply to French footwear brand, VEJA. Since preliminary ideas surfaced in 2003, VEJA has fought an ongoing battle for better working conditions and a healthier planet in which workers, manufacturers and the average consumer are all cared for. Two years later, their first trainer hit shopfloors and our French counterparts went from strength to strength However, today’s topic of conversation finds two silhouettes at its core - the 10th Anniversary V-10 and 2017’s V-12. Both similar though differing in their own right, join TOWER in distinguishing between two styles at the top of everyone’s list. At first glance, there’s very little separating the V-10 from its younger self. We’d highlight the V-12’s lacing-strip that dives beneath a thickset scuff-guard - dividing a single panel in two where the V-10 bares one. This is coupled with occasional branding at the V-12’s heel, in place of a structural panel seen prior. Comparison: material. Fortunately, both models are available with the options of a premium, though sustainably sourced leather upper on one hand, and VEJA’s water-repellant B-Mesh on the other - created using 100% recycled polyester for consumers that prefer a lighter feel on foot. Peeking beneath the surface, both pairs are lined with an organic cotton and recycled plastic compound to promote breathability, whilst Amazonian rubber, rice waste and even more recycled rubber shapes the outsole.
Veja's V-12.
Once both pairs are on foot, you’ll notice the biggest difference. VEJA’s V-12 is narrower - not on a small scale, but noticeably so. If a fitted, hugging fit is perfect for your everyday ventures, then we’d suggest sticking with these instead of opting for the wider V-10. That being said, we now offer Klarna and Openpay at tower-london.com, so why not try now and pay later? There’s no guidance like your own.
Veja's V-10.
From exploring Brazilian production in 2005, to launching full-range running footwear in 2019 and even gracing the feet of our country’s royalty in between, there’s very little that VEJA can do wrong. With best intentions at heart, Sebastien Kopp and Francois-Ghislain Morillion continue to push sustainable footwear to it’s ethical limits, providing the best footwear possible in doing so.
You can now shop both styles above alongside a whole host of great VEJA product, at TOWER.