TOWER Family: FILA the timeless Disruptor (II)

TOWER Family: FILA the timeless Disruptor (II)

Finding its feet in 1911 as a textile shop owned by two brothers, FILA distributed sewing materials to those in the local area - ultimately, supporting people at the brand’s heart from day one. After ten years of immense growth at the foot Italy’s Alps, a leap was taken into knitwear where sweatshirts, scarves and jumpers were explored, altered and conquered.

Word of such a brand left Biella and spread across Italy, leading to a Fila Fratelli company merger in 1942 and another 25 years of knit-based success unquestionably set in stone.

Following the “White Line” tennis collection launch in 1973, superstar Bjorn Borg’s sporting endorsement spanned five consecutive Wimbledon titles from ’75-80 - flirting with pushing aesthetic limitations at every turn. We’re talking FILA headbands, kaleidoscopic jackets, the lot!

When the streetwear boom first happened pre-noughties, baggy fitted now-retro styling was all the rage and FILA had been well-versed for nigh on twenty years — however, today we cast a spotlight over the centre-point of FILA’s modern day success, a disrupter of waves per se. The Disruptor II.

Despite what you may think, the Disruptor did not first hit shelves in 2018, nor did it differ a great deal from its preliminary design; no, our wedge-soled protagonist initially took to ‘96s footwear shelves with a bang.

At the time, Tupac would regularly be seen rocking Grant Hill’s signature basketball silhouette; at a time when FILA was only topped by one other brand on the court.

Whilst the Disruptor’s backstory may not be so glamorous, its rise to fame came as no accident. Found deep in the FILA archives sat a ready-made, purpose built pair just waiting for another opportunity to shine.

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