This week’s family favourites – Vol. 39, calling all Timberlands

This week’s family favourites – Vol. 39, calling all Timberlands
Every week, the team at TOWER HQ takes a moment to chop-up everything that has appeared on our shelves over the past seven days. What's the catch? If it dropped and flew, it's already too late! Everything you'll find here is ready to be bagged, stacked and laced-up at a time that suits you. Oh, and guess what? We're pulling no punches today...

Good news, we’ve finally done it - we’ve pulled all of our favourite Timberlands into one blog just for you. The good, the great and the glorious, all in one place donning a particular focus on some of the most exciting Timberlands available at right now.

5. Timberland Euro Hiker Super OX

In their own words, Timberland combined hard work, innovation and a love for the great outdoors to birth the brand back in 1952. Founder, Nathan Swartz, began his footwear story upon partial-investment into the Abington Shoe Company - later buying out his partner and welcoming his sons into the business.

4. Timberland Icon 3 Eye Lug Boat shoe

Classic, classic, classic! Here for now, here forever - Timberland's 3-Eye classic Lug boat shoe is as close as we're getting to the docks this spring. Fortunately, we're going to be rocking these until the summertime - so, why not secure your pair now?

3. Timberland 6 inch Premium classic

Fine-tuning Timberland’s otherwise unaltered DNA to suit a modern market, Timberland’s classic 6 inch boot is crafted from premium nubuck leather. This allows for waterproof panelling within a field that was built to last. No funny business, no silliness, just premium quality and everlasting build.

2. Timberland Greyfield boot

Out in Newmarket, New Hampshire, blizzards and snap rainstorms are common practise, which why Swartz introduced the waterproof Timberland boot so solve each and every problem in its path.

Said boot hit shelves at 1973’s peak - they were hard-wearing and rugged, all thanks to Timberland’s innovative moulding technique for the innovative purpose of comfort. Whether they knew it or not, Timberland had just set an all-new standard for waterproof footwear; from this point, the legacy speaks for itself.

1. Timberland Premium 14 inch boot

For here, there and absolutely everywhere, the 14 inch boot from Timberland’s vast back catalogue is a little louder than your usual.
With a waterproof membrane, rustproof hardware and an EVA-blend foambed - have you made space in this season’s rotation?