TOWER Family: To Saucony, or not to Saucony

TOWER Family: To Saucony, or not to Saucony

Taking footwear loyalty to a whole new level, it’s fair to say that Saucony know a thing or two about creating the perfect trainer for long distance running, everyday adventure or a trip to the pub. But, what do you know about Saucony?

Join TOWER for a refresh, as we dive into Saucony’s backstory once more.

Founded in 1898, Saucony was Boston’s answer to a runner’s craving comfortable performance-wear - kick-starting production on a local scale before “inspiring good runs worldwide”. Ultimately, giving athletes the power to continue challenging themselves mile after mile!

Sporting a logo inspired by Kutztown’s Saucony Creek on which their first factory was built, the brand commits to three distinct pillars correlating with a trio of boulders as seen at the logo’s centre; good performance, good health and a good sense of community. Similar to TOWER’s ethos, in fact!

Cutting-edge innovation has secured Saucony’s position at the forefront of advanced running, propelling New Zealand’s Rod Dixon across the finishing line in first place at 1984’s New York Marathon- a legacy that lives on through their vintage Dixon trainer.

At the peak of ‘80s styling, the Jazz was developed in partnership with leading podiatrist, Frank Santipietro, to take their shot at creating the next perfectly balanced running shoe. Weight was reduced to cater for a ‘Butterfly Balance’ design, Saucony introduced the iconic triangular lug outsole and Santipietro played his ace by sculpting a cosier, ergonomic fit.

Fast forward eight years and Saucony had further developed a follow-up for their signature Jazz. By utilising a similar design with the inclusion of EVA midsole cushioning and TPU heel stability, the Shadow 5000 was a more refined, luxurious version of their Shadow Original.

Beyond staple silhouettes from the Jazz in 1981 to 2020’s engineered Endorphin Pro, pioneering patented SPEEDROLL technology and even sustainable apparel thereafter, it’s clear to see that Saucony has never strayed from its roots - integrating sustainable practise in order to protect nature’s playground, planet earth.

So, do you say sock-a-knee? Or sor-co-knee? There’s only one right answer, but we’ll leave it to you to decipher that one…

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